Retail Sales

I'm not comfortable when it comes to selling. I love the design and production process of my business but I don't like the sales end of it. I do love working and meeting people at festivals but not cold calling stores. My vision was to sell online, do 5-6 big events per year and have several stores selling my products. 

I'm getting more comfortable with sales. Im still learning how to market and advertise. It's been a fun and exciting process although stressful at times. I'm getting there!

The photo is of one of my display racks with beer related decals. This is located in a local craft brewery/restaurant here in Bristol, Studio Brew. I love this place and proud to have my products here. 

I'll have news regarding a new retailer this weekend. Very excited about upcoming projects and new partnerships. I'll share as we move forward. 

Thanks for for your business and support!


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