Cabin Fever

   I think winter is here! It is a good time to stay in and get the shop re-organized and I love spending extra time with the family during the Holidays.

I spend these few months re-stocking inventory, adding new listings to websites and cleaning, re-organizing the shop. I have very limited space as I work from home, so I am constantly changing and moving work stations around trying to find the most efficient and productive setup. This is a good time to kinda slow down and regroup.

I am already getting the itch to get out and camp and work festivals. Although winter has just begun, I am ready for Spring and the Spring Events. I'll keep you posted as to where we will be and new products. Trail Days in Damascus will probably be the first event. I was surprised but also excited that they have already requested the fees for the 2017 event. 

If you are reading these.....Thank You!

I'll be back!


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