Team Early Riser vinyl decal, Early Riser sticker, team early riser, appalachian trail thru hiker

Team Early Riser vinyl decal, Early Riser sticker, team early riser, appalachian trail thru hiker


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Team Early Riser- whoooo! This listing is for those supporting the popular thru-hiker and vlogger Early_Riser71. This is for Fans, Friends and Family to show support as well as contribute to his St Jude's donation. ER has announced that all proceeds generated from his YouTube channel will be given to St Jude's. I wanted to help! I'm a fan!

This listing is for 1 vinyl decal approx. 3 x 3.7 inches. This size is ideal for Yeti cups, Nalgene bottles, car windows, laptop, etc. Available in black or white vinyl. Black works best on Yetis and white shows up best on auto glass.
We use only high-quality outdoor vinyl. Water and weather resistant. Easy to apply and application instructions will be included.

*******I am going to donate $3 from each sale of this decal directly to ER to add to his St Jude's money. I AM NOT DOING THIS TO PROFIT from his popularity! Those who know me know I've been following him from day 1. I've done donations with several others who inspire me. The other $2 from the sale is just to cover my materials, production and envelopes. $2 is my "cost" on a decal of this size and detail.

*******I will post updates and screen shots of my sales of this item and the money we raise on the 'Hike a day in may' Facebook page. Full disclosure!

I will get these out quickly. We have just a few weeks until he summits Katadhin!


We understand that things happen. Cancellations will gladly be honored if received before package is shipped.

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Most of the decals sold here are fairly small. Small quantities of 1-4 decals are usually shipped via USPS in an envelope. Decals are durable and don't require elaborate packaging. Larger decals or signs will be packed and shipped via UPS or FedEx.


Vinyl decals are fairly durable and easy to ship but we do realize that anything can happen during shipping. Please contact us if you are not happy with your decal or if it was damaged. We'll do what we can to make it right.


Please contact me if you want something custom designed or if you want an existing SG decal "tweaked" or changed. We do logos for just about any type of organization, team, etc. Discounts for large orders! We'll work with you to create a unique custom design.